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• 20 May 2022 p
Linux Debian 11 is available to use.

• 10 Sep 2021 p
Apple M1 ARM core processor based computers on sale.

• 5 Jun 2020 p
Rust programming langugage emerging as top development language.

• 15 Apr 2019 p
AMD new CPU 16 core Ryzen 9 available.

• 10 May 2018 p
Critical processor vulnerability discovered, Spectre/Meltdown. Intel and AMD processors affected.

• 4 Jan 2017 p
Mozilla Firefox web browser new version 50 is available. Uses new architecture, limited sandbox technology for security. Method isolates content rendering processes.

• 20 Dec 2016 p
EU Galileo satellite Navigation system is now operational. Currently 18 of 30 satellites in orbit. Full capacity will be reached in 2019.

• 22 Veb 2010 p
AMD 12 core processors in 2 quarter. Processors consists 2-th 6 core CPU.

• 12 Veb 2010 p
Seagate 2.5 inch hard disks now 7200 rpm. External hard disks now faster.